About Us

“It’s no fun if it’s a hassle!”

We use this motto as a driving force to power the moving services we offer. You see, moving doesn’t have to be a burden. We, at Tasmovers, acknowledge that every customer has different moving needs. Keeping this in view, we bring you services tailored for your moving needs. It doesn’t matter whether your needs are individual or organisational in nature because we’ve got just the right packages to fulfill them. Our services are customer-friendly, which is why we put your needs first.

Our team of responsible and experienced movers are here to treat your furniture with utmost care! From office furniture to antique removals, our movers are trained at handling all types of furniture. Our moving services also include a wide range of removal services, which are only here to impress! And we place our pride in these impressive 5-star relocation services.

Plus, the friendly but professional attitude of our movers go hand-in-hand. That’s right! We believe that our Tasmovers pros move quickly but with the utmost care for your furniture at heart. While muscle is surely an imperative part of any moving services provider, the attitude of the movers matters just as much. Such beliefs help us stand out and keep our services unmatched in Hobart.

Don’t believe us yet? No worries! Our reviews stand as proof of our claims. Our greatest achievement is being the only movers in Tasmania with 100+ ‘5-Star reviews’ on various social platforms. Thus, we can say that for quality and customer satisfaction, our moving services are unmatched in Tasmania. We are proud to say that there we have customer loyalty as our customer retention rate is pretty awesome. Tasmovers is all about fostering long-term relationships. This is why you’ll find efficiency, quality, reliability, and insurance as some of our best key features.

Still not sure whether to choose us? It’s okay. We get it! We are here to answer your questions. Send your queries our way to get a quote today! You will find our rates pretty attractive, we’re sure of that!